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Stirring Coffee

See What My Clients Are Saying

"Jasmine has proven to be a wellness coach with great patience. Her gentle approach in helping me work on habits that I needed to break, was refreshing. Her encouragement in getting me to kick start a healthier lifestyle was wonderfully motivating. Loved her positive attitude and genuine interest in my physical and mental well-being. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a coach that is by your side, cheering you on, providing healthy guidance and helping you get through those mental challenges on your wellness journey!"

M. Clarke - South Africa

"I have had two complete coaching programs with Jasmine and have come away each time with wonderfully pleasant tools, nourishing self-care and confidence to accomplish my goals, and live the life I want to.


Prior to working with Jasmine, I was trying to accomplish my goals the wrong way—the painful way! Additionally, Jasmine’s intuition enabled her to understand what I needed, and she was also able to pivot and tailor her coaching to my circumstances and needs. Jasmine’s coaching is also a mind spa at the end of the day, therapeutic, gentle and holistic.


I now have a clear understanding of the direction I want to go in life, how to get there in an enjoyable and easy way.


I have been able to accomplish my most important goals, and have a clear understanding of the direction I want to go and what my values are. I also have the understanding of how to keep improving and expanding my horizons—and they are as boundless as the mind maps, building blocks, self-care and journaling I can turn to again and again for guidance and improvement in what I want to accomplish.


I am very grateful for Jasmine’s coaching. I will carry these petals of Jasmine-wisdom with me wherever I go!


M. Pollock - California

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